Research Centre for Cheminformatics
Our services
Scientific computing

- translation of scientific code from Fortran, C and R to Java

- coding algorithms from published papers

- experience programming in Fortran, C, Perl, C++, Java, R and Python

Statistical modelling on Cloud

- selecting and assessing statistical models (regression, classification and survival) using up to 100 Amazon EC2 servers

- performing large scale experiments with short notice


- Oracle (design, administration, PL/SQL)

- mySQL

Bayesian statistics

- Bayesian networks

- Predictive models based on Monte Carlo

Cheminformatics / Bioinformatics / Survival analysis

During the first 5 years (from 2005 till 2010) our research contracts were related to cheminformatics only. However, since 2010 we have applied predictive modelling to microarray datasets and gene expression profiles, and, therefore, more involved in Bioinformatics. Recently, we have participated in research projects related to survival analysis and survival modelling.