Damjan Krstajic CV

Damjan Krstajić is founder and Director of the Centre. After graduating Mathematics (Probability and Statistics) at the University of Belgrade, moved to England and worked in Cyprotex as a Principal Scientist/Software Engineer. Moved back to Serbia and founded the Centre in 2005.

Damjan Krstajić was a bioinformatics/statistical consultant at the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetical Engineering from December 2013 till December 2014 when he resigned, due to misuse of his internal reports. His findings and results for statistical models related to medical research were altered in order to get papers published. Stankovic et al [2015] and Milosevic et al [2016] are two examples where his statistical work was knowingly misused, and where models with random predictions are presented as a reasonable scientific certainty.

Research interests:

- applied statistics

- non-applicability domain, i.e. "don't know" predictions

- causality

- scientific methodology

Popular articles:

  1. Zloupotreba statistike u nauci Danas 28th July 2017 (PDF with references)
  2. Ko proverava naučne nalaze Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 23rd September 2017 (PDF with references)
  3. Neuspesi u naučnim istraživanjima Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 6th January 2018 (PDF with references)
  4. Da li su objavljeni istraživački nalazi većinom pogrešni Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 17th February 2018 (PDF with references)
  5. Benigni profiteri nauke Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 10th March 2018 (PDF with references)
  6. Skriveni uzroci Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 31st March 2018 (PDF with references)
  7. Kome danas verovati u nauci Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 5th May 2018 (PDF with references)
  8. Ispravljanje grešaka u nauci Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 2nd June 2018 (PDF with references)
  9. Šta znamo da ne znamo u nauci Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 14th July 2018 (PDF with references)
  10. Hiperprodukcijom radova do zasićenja u nauci Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 25th August 2018 (PDF with references)
  11. Zašto 5 odsto? Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 10th November 2018 (PDF with references)
  12. Nauka ne samo radi nauke Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 8th December 2018 (PDF with references)
  13. Teorija slučajne nesreće Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 12th January 2019 (PDF with references)
  14. Drugačiji pogled na statistiku Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 26th January 2019 (PDF with references)
  15. Demistifikacija veštačke inteligencije Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 2nd March 2019 (PDF with references)
  16. (Ne)razuman strah od veštačke inteligencije Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 9th March 2019 (PDF with references)


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    Bone Marrow Transplantation (2017)
  2. Binary classification models with Uncertain predictions
    D. Krstajic, L. Buturovic, S. Thomas, D.E. Leahy
  3. How real is the random censorship model in medical studies?
    Damjan Krstajic
  4. Why comparing survival curves between two prognostic subgroups may be misleading
    Damjan Krstajic
  5. Derivation of gene expression classifiers for the non-invasive detection of bladder cancer in the hematuria and recurrence surveillance populations.
    Chapman, K.B., Buturovic, L., Qiu, L., Kidd, J., Sheibani, N., Krstajic, D., Friedman, L., Bailen, J.L., Dumbadze, I., Saltzstein, D.R. and Olson, M.T.
    Journal of Clinical Oncology 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting Proceedings (Vol. 34, No. 15_suppl, p. 11522)
  6. Reproducibility of telomere length assessment
    D. Krstajic, L. Buturovic
    Int. J. Epidemiol. (2015) doi: 10.1093/ije/dyv167
  7. Cross-validation pitfalls when selecting and assessing regression and classification models.
    D. Krstajic, L.J. Buturovic, D.E. Leahy, S. Thomas
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  8. Raising awareness of fungi in Serbia
    D. Krstajic
    Fungal Conservation, 2012 April; Issue 2: 23-26
  9. Hemodynamic Flow Modeling Through an Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Using Data Mining Tools.
    N. Filipovic, M. Ivanovic, D. Krstajic, M. Kojic
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  10. Competitive Workflow: novel software architecture for automating drug design
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  11. Automated QSPR through Competitive Workflow
    J.Cartmell, S. Enoch, D. Krstajic, D. E. Leahy
    Journal of Computer Aided Molecular Design, 2005 Nov; 19(11): 821-833

Internet publications:

  1. Genetic variations in prediction of inflammatory bowel disease occurrence
    D. Krstajic
    Letter to the Editor of the Journal of Digestive Diseases
  2. Klasifikacija živog sveta sa posebnim osvrtom na novu klasifikaciju gljiva (2008) (en. Classification of living matter with emphasis on classification of fungi) PDF
    B. Uzelac, D.Krstajić